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The most fashion forward beauty education in Seattle, now open INSIDE of the Downtown Macy’s Department Store! Cutting edge curriculum, based on advanced techniques, rather than product based, advanced makeup techniques, as well as hands on experience working on the models and actors of Seattle Talent and Seattle Artists Agency. Call Amanda at 206.965.0335 today! Start YOUR Career!

Beauty Tip about Wavy Hair!

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Every so often, a season ensues that results in creative freedom. Enter: Fall/Winter 2013, and the “anything goes” attitude in terms of hair.

If you have natural waves, use a great moisturizing, curl enhancing product and allow to air dry. Braiding your hair at night, then unbraiding the next day will also increase a natural wave pattern.

To do it yourself: Use your flat iron to create curls and waves, and brush out for that retro vibe. Have fun with messy looks as well! Happy Styling!

Beauty Tip of the day: When you don’t have a headband, use your hair!

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Its the new trend to use your hair as an accessory to your style. Braid a small single section in the back of your head all the way to the end and secure. Wrap it around the head and hide the end in the start of the section. Secure with hairpins. Hair extensions can be used for shorter lengths. Pre braided hair can also be used. Have fun Styling!

Start Your Career Today!

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Are you looking for a Career that can take advantage of your creativity, drive, passion, aesthetic, and love of Fashion and Beauty? TINT School of Makeup And Cosmetology Founder Cristina Grimm has developed a forward thinking Cosmetology and Makeup Education based on her years working on Models and Actors in NY, LA, and Dallas, and she just opened a BRAND NEW Campus inside of the DOWNTOWN MACY’S Department store! Call Amanda at 206.965.0335 today to get your dream Career on track, or just message us here on FB. Get and education that puts your creativity, passion, and inspiration to work. Call Amanda today, and Start Your Career!