Tint Working on Actors, Models and Singers!

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Check out what is happening with TINT School of Makeup and Cosmetology’s Partners upstairs at Seattle Talent! Dez Flores has some exciting things happening with her music career! Dez competed at a huge convention in LA, and guess who was in charge of her hair, makeup, and styling? TINT Founder Cristina Grimm and her team of course! Good luck Dez! TINT will be rooting for you in January!

I know I just gave an update on the wonderfully talented actor/singer/model Ms. Dez Flores, and all of her hard work on her EP that was supposed to drop soon, but that has been put on hold, because this amazing young woman has some exceptionally exciting things happening right now. We can only say so much, but when American Idol starts in January, we will be able to really cheer her on the way she deserves. Check her out at the beginning of the American Idol Promo below, and here she is with Ryan Seacrest!

[youtube_video id=”amqp6GKfCZU”]

Beauty Tip of the Day: Eye Makeup Tip!

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Eye makeup tip: Instead of purchasing expensive eye make up remover, you can generally use your moisturizer for almost all eyemakeup removal needs, even waterproof stuff. Dab moisturizer generously in area you want to remove (or apply moisturizer to finger and then close lashes along the fingertip) and then wait about a minute. Remove with cotton pad and/or q-tip.

Start Your Career With Tint Today!

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Are you Artistic, Passionate, love beauty and fashion, and want to work in the Entertainment Industry, on set for photo shoots? TINT School of Makeup and Cosmetology has a fashion forward curriculum, including the most advanced and in depth makeup program in Washington, and we have teamed up to be the exclusive Stylists for Seattle Talent and Seattle Artists Agency Photoshoots! Don’t just have a job, have a rewarding Career, and get the tools you need with a hands on learning experience at TINT, located in a beautiful new Salon right inside of the Downtown Macy’s Department Store. Check out our Student Stylists working on these talented Actors! Start your career today! Go to http://www.tintseattlecosmetologyschool.com/