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MUP Tip for the Week: 6 Ways to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger!
Beauty trends come and go (remember that dark liner and light lipstick?), but big eyes have always been the ideal. And while some lucky ladies have been blessed with huge peepers (cough, Emma Stone, cough) others of us remain challenged when it comes to making our eyes pop. Luckily, a slew of cosmetics and a few tricks can help you create instant doe eyes. Truly.

Here, makeup artist Jeni Lee shared with us her step-by-step application process to have you looking like a deer in the headlights (in the best way) in no time.

1. Nude-ify your lids
Apply a matte nude shadow over the entire lid, as this will even out your coloring and create a good starting base.

2. Apply eyeliner
Lightly line the upper and lower lids from the inner corner to the outer corner with a soft brown or taupe eye liner. Apply the eyeliner a little heavier on the outside corners to make your eyes look longer rather than rounded.

3. Line under your eyes
If you aren’t one to use dark eyeliner on your lower lash line, take a neutral or white pencil and trace there instead—this will brighten your eyes. But if you do prefer a darker lower line, do a few extra strokes towards the edge of your outer eye for a wider-looking gaze.

4. Add depth
Apply another shadow a shade or two darker than the nude used in step 1 to your crease and use your finger to blend the color up toward your eyebrow.

5. Highlight
Using a highlighter or white powder, dab the inner corners of your eyes. To draw more focus to your eyes, use the highlighter under your brow bones as well.

6. Coat your lashes
The bigger and thicker your lashes, the more attention your eyes will command. Curl your lashes and then apply a few coats of black mascara. If you really want to commit to the look, consider investing in fake lashes.

By Alanna Greco Jan 19, 2016

Fun Inspiration – The Rosette Updo

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Fun Inspiration – The Rosette Updo: “The festival season has created its own trendsetting community. Since everyone spends so much time planning their outfits for festival season, we wanted to be able to complete their looks by offering braids, glitter parts, flower crowns, and spirit tattoos. The Beauty Coach is now the go to mobile salon and thrilled to be a part of festival season!” – Riawna & Nikki


1. Section dry hair horizontally from temple to high-crown and again from ear to low-crown, securing each section with an elastic rubber band.
2. Using a fishtail technique, braid each section and secure with an elastic rubber band.
3. Apply Sebastian’s Dry Clean Only Instant Refreshing Spray and loosely pull the braid apart to expand its shape.
4. To create the “rosette” shape, coil the fishtail braids and secure with bobby pins.
5. Set the look with Sebastian Shaper Plus Hairspray and gently tousle hair at the hairline for an undone feel.

To fake clear skin when you notice a pimple

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Works every time!!

To fake clear skin when you notice a pimple, “Apply tea tree oil as soon as you spot it”- Stephanie Flor, makeup artist.

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Loving these tips about how to get Long Hair Fast!

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Loving these tips about how to get Long Hair Fast!

Adjust Your Diet
“A healthy diet that incorporates a mix of protein and nutrients can improve the condition of your hair,” says celebrity hairstylist and NYC salon owner Julien Farel. He explains that balanced eating keeps follicles strong and prevents the hair from breaking easily. Dr. Gervaise Gerstner, MD, a board-certified NYC cosmetic and medical dermatologist, advises to incorporate omega-3 oils. She says, “I recommend salmon or supplements. Nuts are a good source, too, especially almonds.”

…But Don’t Overdo I
Dr. Gerstner says it’s important to keep weight stable and not avoid yo-yo dieting, as hair can be affected by extreme regimen changes in addition to stress and hormone levels.

Get Smart About Styling
It’s a fact well-acknowledged that heat can be wildly damaging to hair, especially when it’s already compromised, so limiting the use of a flat iron or curling wand to three times a week is best, says Dr. Gerstner. She also advises limiting exposure to sunlight, as it can strip the hair, and blow drying, adding, “A weekly deep conditioner masque is a good idea to keep hair as healthy as possible.” According to Farel, many hair care products include the same stripping ingredients as detergents, so it’s vital to choose wisely.

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